The club was formed in 1998 when several members of the local multi-sport club decided that mountain biking in Marlborough needed its own identity. Prominent among these riders was John Meek, it is hard to hold a conversation about mountain biking in the province without John's name cropping up. John returned to Marlborough after stints in Wellington and Auckland and travels all over the North Island riding wherever he could.
John built his own track on his Jentree property and wanted other riders to come and enjoy it.

A flyer was produced and circulated and this resulted in a gathering at the Springlands Tavern to discuss the possibility of forming the club. A positive response saw a meeting called at the Central Rugby Club where it was debated whether to be affiliated to the rugby club or to go it alone. It was decided to go it alone and a week later a committee was formed and in that first year 55 members were attracted, 11 of whom are still active members some 9 years later.

At this time there was a strong contingent of riders from Marlborough Boys College who were encouraged by Geoff Hughes, a committee member and teacher. John Meek had extended his track on to the neighbouring Beneagle property and the college boys enjoyed this facility. The committee helped to extend the tracks and Charlie and Nathan Timoko built the first downhill section. During lambing however the track was out of bounds and it was evident that another facility was required. Geoff Hughes contacted the Marlborough District Council and a mountain bike park was mooted.

Charlie Timoko met with Robin Dunn from the council and together with a digger driver the mountain bike park took its initial step. Luckily Charlie was a shift worker and was able to spend many hours working on the development. The digger driver had enough knowledge to know that the small amount of earth to be moved did not require resource consent and in early 1992 the park was opened. It has grown considerably since then with Robin Dunn proving to be a valuable ally on the council. Club members have helped with the digging of new tracks and this work is on going. 


The club has achieved many milestones. John's Jentree has hosted Top of the South and national events both cross country and downhill. Jentree's downhill track is a favourite amongst the countries best riders, and the cross country track challenges both fitness and ability.

Among our club members past and present John Meek and Robert Kennedy have represented New Zealand overseas and we currently have Justin Leov doing great things on the world downhill scene.   Richard Anderson is also a high achiever representing New Zealand on the cross country stage and looks to have many successful years ahead..


Around 2008 the committee voted to re-brand Mountainbiking Marlborough to the Marlborough Mountain Bike Club. 

In more recent times the Marlborough District Council gave the go ahead to develop tracks at Condors Bend.  Club members, led by then president Dominic Blissett, carved and hacked their way through dense scrub to form what is now over 5Km of excellent track.  There is little change of elevation but the tight nature of the corners ensure a good workout on this user friendly course.

The club is in close liaison with the Marlborough District Council and together new tracks are being developed at the mountain bike park as budget permits and as helpers are available.