The Marlborough Mountain Bike Club works very closely with the Marlborough District Council with regards to managing, maintaining and developing tracks in the Marlborough region. This close co-operation and financial support from the Council has facilitated much of the work that has been done over the last 12 months. We really want to see that relationship continue to develop and YOU CAN HELP!

Last year, there were 130 submissions to the Marlborough District Council with regards to their long term plan and more than 30 of these were in support of additional and extended funding for mountain biking in the region.  Check out the Marlborough Express article HERE that was published after submissions closed. 

We would like to ask you to make a submission this year in support of the Marlborough District Council continuing to fund Mountain Biking in the region. You may complete your submission on the MDC website HERE, and if you are looking for some ideas for text, just check out our ideas / suggestions below. Feel free to copy, edit or adapt to suit your needs.

You may complete your submission on the MDC website HERE

You only need a couple of sentences to say:

  • Mountain biking is important to you, your family and the wider community.
  • Mountain biking is an important part of what attracts a significant group of visitors to Marlborough, both through our diverse trails and events.
  • You want more mountain bike trails built and you also believe that maintenance of current trails is important.
  • Marlborough Mountain Bike Club (MMBC) builds the type of trails that you want to ride.
  • You want MDC to financially support MMBC’s efforts to build more trails in the Mountain Bike Park but also the wider Marlborough Region.
  • Any other information you think is relevant


My family and I are keen mountain bikers, and really enjoy riding the trails that have been built recently by the Mountain Bike Club with support from the Council. I would love to see the Council continue to support the development of trails in Blenheim, Picton and elsewhere in the region. I believe that Marlborough has real potential to become a true biking destination, with a positive contribution to the local economy.

The outdoors are one of the reasons I love to live in Marlborough, and the existing trail network allows me to gain access to the outdoors for my health and wellbeing. Additional funding for new trails and maintenance of existing tracks will increase my recreational opportunities and provide a positive inducement for others to call Marlborough their home too.

 The development of the Link Pathway and Coastal Pacific Highway are/will be great cycling features of the region and tie-in well with the overall development of the mountain bike tracks.

 I support the Mountain Bike Club’s request for additional funding as part of the Long Term Plan consultation process, and respectfully ask that you view it favorably.