Conders Thur eve race report

Almost had to use the “Car Park Full” signs, such was the response to this evenings ride.  Hard to fathom because the weather was less than hospitable with cloud cover cooling things down.

Twenty four riders put their names on the start list and with the threat of Alana hanging over them, some paid up their years membership.  The wee lady wields a big axe.

We welcomed Joel back into the fold after his very successful trip to Dunedin where he cleaned up at the South Island Secondary Schools champs.  Thanks Joel for representing our club in the best possible way and we wish you more success in the future.

Joel set out this evening in the form he finished his Dunedin event.  At the end of lap one he led the grown ups by a few seconds with a few choice words coming from his chasers Aaron and Jason.  These three had a wee break on Sven, Sharn and Justin.  Justin was recovering from a long term tummy bug and lacked his usual spark early on.

By the end of lap two the Dunedin effort was beginning to take its toll on Joel and the grown ups had bullied their way to the front, Aaron just ahead of Jason, then Justin had forged his way ahead of the next three chasers.  By the end of lap three Justin was regaining a little form and had caught and passed Aaron and was on Jason’s wheel.   Sven and Sharn had also passed the tiring Joel.

At the finish line Jason outlasted Justin to take the victory with Aaron cruising into third.  Sharn, Sven, Joel, Gavin and Matthew all completed four laps.

Alana and Eugan had a sprint for the line, both credited with the same time with Eugan being the gentleman and allowing Alana to cross first.

Good to see the little ones have a go, Josh Black had a good couple of laps with young brother Tyler showing mum the way round.  Newcomer Callum Sheard at the tender age of six completed three laps of the first block and appeared to be having fun with the tiny cranks rotating in a blur.

Chris Ensor and Donna Short had their rides cut short with punctures, a little unfair as Donna provided a bucket of avocados to share.

Finally on a sad note, we offer our condolences to Peter Webster after the sad loss of his nephew in a helicopter accident this week.  We are thinking of you and your family Peter.

Lap times