Thur race report - mbt park

After a 22 degree day a cool breeze made for interesting riding conditions on this shorter course set by an ailing Peter.  His chest was rattling like a concrete mixer but he still managed a lap or two.

24 riders registered but the development squad of Josh and Tyler Black, Tom and Georgia Morrison and Mitchell Blake chose not to have their times recorded.  Cheryl and Aaron were ably leading this group round some shorter laps while the big guns were firing up the hill.  Kevin had volunteered to do this job but his CV must have been inferior and he was persuaded to ride with the big kids, a late entry without a number.

So the gun went off and away they went and after a lap with some technical diversions Kiel was proving that last weeks result was no fluke.  After lap 1 he had a handy lead of 21 seconds over the close group of  Ethan, Matt, Luke and Ken, a good mix of young and not so young.

The gap at the front had increased slightly after lap 2 with Luke moving into 2nd followed by Ethan, Ken and Matt.  Lap 3 and Ken had moved ahead of Ethan proving that the wiser old head was on a fit old body.  On the next lap Ken overtook Luke who was starting to feel the jet lag after his trip in from Picton.  Great to see Luke make the effort, must be a rush with an early race start.  Peter is looking at later start times as daylight permits which hopefully will encourage a few more along. 

Lap 5 is when it all started to turn to custard for Kiel.  He was seen frantically trying to get some air into his rear tyre.  Ken had a handy lead over Luke and Ethan had a wee pit stop to re-hydrate allowing Matt to get away to a 27 second gap ahead in 3rd spot.  Lap 6 and Kiel had fixed flatty number 1 and was back circulating but Ken and Luke were relentless at the front with Ethan closing right in on Matt for 3rd and 4th.  And so to the final lap and the status quo remained for Ken and Luke but Ethan put in a good burst to take out 3rd.  Kiel finished way down the field carrying his bike for a good part of the last lap with flatty number 2 impeding progress.

Among the ladies young Liv was impressive using her CX experience to good effect.  She just puts her head down and rides, and rides and rides.  Alana had a few navigational issues on lap 1, Peter says she wasn’t listening, but I would hate to stir up any ill feeling here.

Sven also had issues with a binding front brake and a pit stop after lap 1 failed to improve the situation.  His answer to this wee problem is to buy a full suspension bike, I am sure many of you will follow this logic.

Sarah Gunningham registered for the ride but felt more comfortable without a number as this was her first go.  Hope that you enjoyed the experience Sarah and that we haven’t put you off.  Conders Bend next week should surely encourage you.

Lap times