Thursday eve race report

Another busy night for the mountain bike park with the BikeFit demo attracting big numbers and bikes rushing around in all directions.  Lets hope that someone’s Christmas came early.

Rider numbers were steady at 19 with one rider so distracted by the shiny new bikes that his last minute rush to enter held up the timing system.  This did not deter the man counting down and the riders were away about two minutes before the start button was pressed.  Lap 1 times are very flattering but untrue.

There was a choice of courses, pink arrows or yellow arrows.  Some riders chose to ride a different course for each of their laps so lap times could be misleading. 

First past the post at the end of lap 1 was Sarnim with David breathing down his neck.  These two swapped places on the second lap with David having the downhill advantage on a full suspension machine.  In third place throughout was Justin on his single speed, no suspension at all, machine.  Legs that long were never meant to rotate that fast, but he hung on for a clear third place.  On the fourth lap Sarnim put in a burst and David could not respond.  Sarnim was a clear minute ahead of him at the finish.  Tristan followed Justin home with Sven, Sharn, Andrew and Stephen all completing four tough laps.  Stephen was unlucky to find the clock just a few seconds short of the fifty minutes cut off at the end of his third lap.  He valiantly trudged round to complete four.

Kathryn represented the ladies with Haleigh, and another great turnout of the young and the reckless. 

Peter is taking us to Picton next week.  He will be unable to set a course so there will be no timing of laps, just the opportunity to try out those awesome tracks.  Then on Thursday 18th it will be back at the MTB Park for a treasure hunt !!!  Refreshments will be on the menu to round off a very enjoyable year.      

Lap times