20 Mar - Summer Night Race - Taylors Pass - REPORT

What a shame that the summer evenings are drawing to a close.  With numbers rising each week it will be sad to end these fun Thursday evenings.
A strong wind arrived just in time for the ride but enthusiasm was not lacking.  Plenty of juniors this evening and parents acting as guides help introduce the next generation of riders.  The young ones all seemed to be having fun which augers well.
There was the usual confusion on which tracks to take, the supply of arrows being commandeered for Sunday's Waihopai Valley ride.  Most however found their way and apart from a deviation by Todd allowing Matt to get ahead for a lap, the outcome was not really affected.
The podium had Justin at the top with Todd and Matt on the next steps.  A good solid track enjoyed by all, so thanks again to Peter for setting out the course.

Lap times