6th Mar - Summer Night Race - Condors - REPORT

Peter came up with the idea of a teams race as an alternative to the usual individual race/ride.  Josh and Leighton, two of the younger fraternity were made team captains and chose their riders.  The total number of laps ridden by team members would decide the winners.

Jason was soon in difficulty with a broken chain on lap one so that was a potential 4 laps lost.  It was going to be hard to recover from this but Justin and Sven played their part and completed four laps each.  Josh himself put in a great effort to finish three laps along with Sharn.

On Leighton's team Aaron Kris and Andrew B. all managed four laps with good backup from Eugan, Andrew G. Peter and Warren completing 3 laps each.  Leighton himself managed to find a short cut so his laps were adjusted to compensate.

All in all a fun night.
Lap times