Soup and Bun #5

Fun was the Winner

The fifth Soup and Bun event in Parkes forest was rated as the best in the 2014 series by old hands and greatly enjoyed by several new participants. Twenty two adults and eight children tackled a choice of three courses involving a mix of gravel and four wheel drive forestry roads with plenty of mud thrown in.

There was a ‘Tour de France’ transition start along the road lead by Peter Webster after registration at the Wairau Affray picnic spot in Tuamarina. A kilometre of tar seal gave way to the gravel for a steady climb. The 14k advanced course had a discretionary side loop with a very challenging downhill. The course then carried on up the road for nearly another two kilometres before a swooping downhill in the pine trees to come out just above the main trunk railway line. An undulating track bought the riders out to the swamp. After a short mud plug on the flat it was back to an undulating sidle along the foot of the hill with its short sharp slippery climbs and descents. Respite came in the form of a kilometre ride on the tar seal to the finish.

The intermediate course was shorter at 10k, initially on similar terrain but with a flatter and muddy section around the edge of a vineyard before the tar seal was regained. The younger generation enjoyed a 6k out and back muddy trip along the edge of the vineyard.

Soup of the day was tomato cooked by the writer under instruction from Pauline, with the obligatory bread roll on the side. Ron kept track of who was entered and who was back. Peter and the writer set the courses with help from Tod Neal. Thanks to Rodney Parkes and family for access.

The last in the series is on Sunday August 10 at the ‘Valiant’ vineyard, Marama Road, Seddon.

Kevin Wilson