1st Thurday Evening Race of 2015 - Race Report


A 7 o’clock start gave ample opportunity for the real workers to attend this evenings proceedings and a good number turned out.  Sven missed the start by almost 6 minutes so maybe a new alarm clock for his next Christmas list.

We welcomed a fresh new face in Asha Claridge, just 9 years old and riding with Dad, she shunned the proposed shorter lap after lap 1 and took in the full downhill section for lap 2.  The grin was noticeably wider for this experience.

Peter set a tough course with a good hard climb to help shed those Christmas kilos.  It was obvious that some had enjoyed Christmas pud more than others, no names, you know who you are !

David Drake shot out of the blocks with Sarnim in hot pursuit, the two ending lap 1 in close contact.  At the end of lap 2 “THE SARNIMATOR”, (great name Kathryn) had taken control, he left everyone in a cloud of dust and gravel as he descended with lightening speed.

David pit-stopped for air for his deflating tyres, lungs and hopes, before continuing the hopeless task of trying to catch a very determined leader.  Justin inherited second spot circulating without raising a sweat with Brent borrowing a mountain bike from somewhere to impress in third spot.

Juniors Zahkhan, Bailey and Josh had their own wee contest with Josh crashing on the third lap.  The only visible damage was a big laundry bill, no not in his shorts !

Great to see the old masters out there too with Robert showing a few how it is done and Eugan riding well after a tough weekend.  Peter’s second lap included a long conversation. 

Peter says we will be at Conders Bend next week and probably Picton the week after.  The later starts should enable a good attendance so look forward to seeing big numbers for these.