RACE REPORT - Condors Bend MTB Track - Thursday January 22nd

An array of different machinery fronted the start line for this evening’s ride, with Dylan on his CX bike and Jason Harris on a tractor tyred bike, quite a contrast.  Jason had ridden to the venue on this fat thing as did Justin and Sven.

Jason and Justin also rode home after the event so we are obviously not catering for their needs.  Sven took the attractive option and accepted a ride from Kathryn.

Another unusual bike was Jason Peterson Clark’s which had an attachment on the rear with a wee passenger who could not quite manage to rotate his pedals.  Its only a matter of time before he will be contributing to the effort and then he will be demanding the front seat.  Big brother Joel and mum Rachel were also among the starters.

Geoff and Jamie Blake were another family team and the unfortunate Luff family had to be dragged away screaming when Jim was called in to work just as the start gun was about to go off.  Jim had to go fix the boiler to prevent it from becoming Blenheim’s first space shuttle.  Jamey and Mikey were so keen to try their new bikes and left with very long faces.  Jim didn’t look that pleased either.  Next time guys, next time.

Also keeping it in the family were Glen and Nathan Vile, with dad Glen too good for an out of form Nathan.  Must be the trappings of university life preventing the dedication to training.

As usual the start at Conders is important and Justin made the most of the open track with a scorching first lap of 14:13.  Joel was next just ahead of the tight trio of Gavin Tristan and Kris.  Tristan was frustrated by the lack of overtaking opportunities and it wasn’t until lap 3 that he managed to make a break. 

Justin completed four impressive laps at the front of the field before pedaling away home into the sunset.  Tristan finished second with Gavin and Kris keeping close company right until the end.  Joel slipped back to fifth spot with the fatigue from his Wellington effort beginning to take affect.  Bailey and Zahkhan were also joined at the hip for three laps until Zahkhan decided enough was enough after lap three.  Bailey went on the complete the fourth lap.

Our three ladies all completed three laps with Rachel getting lost on lap 1.  It had been a while since she lapped Conders.

All round a very enjoyable night and with Picton on the menu for next week we look forward to more big numbers. 

Lap Times

A pair of glasses were left behind so if they belong to you give Ron a ring on 027 3552484.