PICTON RACE REPORT - Thursday January 29th

Two options were on offer for this evening’s ride.  For the dedicated mountain biker who wanted a real test, the longer course had it all, it was long tough and at times technical.  Add to this the temperature, the cacophony of cicadas and obstructive manuka trees, it was easy to appreciate the blood sweat and tears the dedicated few had endured.  Yes there was blood, the trees do not yield and ripped clothing added to the spectacle of a tough ride.

For those not quite ready for that challenge, a shorter option was available and a dozen riders set out on the “pink” course.  There were seven juniors and a couple of parents in the mix and most went for the fifty minutes without stopping.  Jimmy and Mikey Luff made up for the disappointment of last week and gave their new bikes a good workout.  Mum Megan was also enjoying a good hard ride along with Abby Emma and Donna representing the ladies.  Geoff Blake was showing his kids around before unleashing for a couple of free laps.  Asha was back after  a week away at camp.  Her enthusiasm has not dwindled nor her smile.

A third category created itself on the night with four riders opting for the big lap initially, but then were attracted to the shorter option to spin down.  Sure as hell confuses onlookers and time keepers but as long as they are having fun we have succeeded in our objective.

Thanks to Peter Sven and Justin for setting up the courses and to Jim for helping retrieve the arrows.   An enjoyable night all round.  More next week, venue TBA,  just wish it would rain and make all option available