Nov 26th MTB Park

Had to put rocks in everything to stop the winds blowing stuff away.  Pays to remove them though before trying to lift stuff over the fence at the end of the day.   All part of the slow learning curve I suppose. 

And so it was that 29 riders battled the extra element of the gale force winds to add to the climbing and technical and navigation stuff.  The later start allowed Peter more time to set out the arrows on this longer loop, and with everyone paying attention at race brief, navigational issues were cut to a minimum.  No names, but lap times will indicate the two main victims of wrong turns.  Still, a ride is a ride is a ride, and luckily it wasn’t the Olympics, and there was no gold at the end of the day, just a satisfied glow.

Kahn brought his cross bike, mountain bike was sick, and he was fast in some sections.  With inferior brakes and no suspension, the downhill sections would have been exciting.  Justin was riding his single speed machine just to add to his challenge. 

Josh led from go to woe, and fitted 5 laps into the allotted 50 minute cut-off time.  Justin chased hard for four and a half laps until his front tyre deflated after hitting a rock.  This allowed Kahn to pass him and take second slot.  These were the only riders to manage five laps.

Selena led the short lap option while other riders chose to mix and match long and short laps.

Lap times attached.

Next week ?  Peter has not confirmed, but thinks it may be Conders.  I will send out his decision as soon as I hear it.

Some of our riders will be heading to round 5 of the Nelson Cross Country series at Easby Park in Richmond on Sunday.  The word is that this course suits good climbers.  It is accessed from Hill Street then Churchill Avenue and Marlborough Crescent.  Good luck to all our riders contesting this series.