Dec 3rd Conders Bend

More wind !  Surely they must be running out of the stuff by now.  The wind was everywhere but the rain was centred on Conders Bend and we had cool squally showers sent specially for us.

Another good turnout with 32 riders line abreast facing the starters command.  It is always a heart-stopping few seconds as 32 riders reduce down to 1 as they enter the single trackand battle for the advantage of a clear track ahead.  Justin got the hole shot.  Ideally of course the fastest riders will get there first and the slowest will be last.  Realistically though, some of the slower riders make a mad dash off the line, get to the single track and run out of puff.  This can hinder faster riders on the skinny single track.  Most riders are aware of faster riders behind them and will pull over and let them past.  It is an unwritten rule, and it is important that newer riders are made aware of this so that we all remain good mates.  We are just a wee club trying to give everyone the opportunity to have fun without getting frustrated by mobile chicanes.   Please keep a wary eye on your rear and let the fast guy through.  You may get a few tips by watching him and learn how to go faster.

So Justin got the hole shot and took full advantage, he had 8 to 10 seconds on the chasing trio after the first lap with Sven, Khan and David locked together in the hunt.  A further 18 to 20 seconds saw old dude Warren and young dude James battling it out.  Keith was thereabouts but was having issues on his new million dollar bike, he fell off, the chain fell off and all the free stuff fell out of the rubber bits.  He got going again after a long drawn out pit stop to get more free stuff into the rubber bits.

After lap 2 Khan was beginning to fade, probably as a result of his ride to the venue into that horrible head wind.  He had probably run out of fuel, not often that you have to tell teenage boys to eat more.  So Justin was slowly getting away from Sven by just a few seconds per lap, it was a great effort by Sven though, I cannot recall him going below the 15 minute mark previously, and here he managed to break the barrier on4 consecutive laps. 

Keith was also breaking personal bests once the new bike was in racing trim and Warren and Leo both got faster as they learnt the track.  Warren had a wee lapse getting lost on lap 3. 

So at the end of the day 15 riders completed 4 laps with Justin, Sven and David on the podium, Sharn came home in fourth with young Connor impressing and getting quicker on each lap, in fifth. 

Donna managed to get the better of Selena in the ladies category and the Luff boys with Logan mixed up the long and short laps to fill in their evening’s fun.

Next week, 10th, we will return to the recycle centre and ride the popular riverbank tracks.  Then on 17th Peter is conjuring up a novelty event at the MTB park. 

Also worth noting – on Saturday 19th December, the club is organising a Mt Vernon Traverse challenge.  This will start from the car park at the top of Redwood Street and take in The Mapp Track heading east, then turn right up Cob Cottage Track to Mt Vernon.  Return will be on the Split Apple Track, Taylor View Track, our newly built track next to the Witches Hat before finishing on Rifle Range track next to the Lower Farm Track.  Will be a great challenge.