RACE REPORT - Thursday Feb 19th @ MTB Park

From Ron;

Hi there

I have acquired your details from the mountain bike club members list.  Until the club website reaches full efficiency in producing reports and results I have proposed that reports and lap times be sent directly to club members.

If you do not wish to receive this info on a regular basis please REPLY to this email and I will delete you from the list.

Last evening’s event saw a couple of new faces racing around the dusty trails, so welcome aboard to Sean and Leo.  Sean comes from a roady background but has seen the light and donned the fat tyres.

We also continued the upsurge in junior riders and had plenty of the younger set represented.  Was good to see the successful riders from the Coppermine getting rid of the lactic acid and performing well here.

The J 11’s and J 9’s were offered a shorter lap and most chose to ride this, some with parental guidance.  Then there were those who did the big lap followed by the short lap, so confusing the lap times.  Not to worry though, as long as everyone had fun and those serious riders can see how they faired on the attached lap times.  Mikey Luff put in a good effort to ride the BIG lap.  Megan and Pat both had breathing problems triggered by the very dusty tracks.  We need to do the rain dance very soon.

Kiel still had plenty in reserve after his success at Coppermine and screamed out of the blocks.  Justin had his serious face on and riding his single speed machine managed to cling on to Kiel’s wheel for four hectic laps.  The lap times showed that the timer’s arthritic hand was too slow to press two buttons in time to truly represent the closeness of this battle, there was no more than a second separating the two at any point in the race.

Sean was next best after a slowish start getting used to the unfamiliar track and passing Joel, Zahkhan and Tristan in his progress to third.  Tristan was having trouble keeping his chain on and had to un-jam it three times.  Five riders managed to complete four big laps including the big climb up to Skyline, so a good workout in warm dry conditions.  There was thunder and lightening threatening as the evening wound up but unfortunately just a tease as far as the rain went.

Thanks to Peter for setting the course, NEXT WEEK we will be at a different venue just west of the recycling centre on the river bank, so hope to see you all there.  Should be a reasonably flat course.


Lap times attached. 

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