Plan B

The weather forecast was not good and a look at the western hills confirmed that the forecast was spot on. A ride in the rain, on clay roads and not seeing the apparent stunning views made the Hori Bay rec ride on Sunday 26th July a no go.

An on the spot Plan B came to mind. Start at the MTB car park, ride up Taylor Pass Road to the Taylor Pass Forest, do the loop and home via the back boundary of ‘Holmebrook’ and Shooters Gully. And it came to pass and 30k later we were back at the carpark and not wet – at least from the rain.

Good to have George and Kahn along. Andrew Benger had a young Japanese guest, Satoru, who had a rather brutal introduction to mountain biking. The biking tested his stamina and the top barb on a fence his agility. Sven went home after the forest loop to be disappointed with the result of the rugby. Kathryn, Craig and Justin on his tractor made up the rest of the group. Hori Bay will keep.

Thanks to Nelson Forests Ltd and Graham Cooper for access.

Kevin Wilson