The Circuit

Three K’s and a D completed a great circuit in the hill country behind Ward for the Rec Ride on the 28th February 2016.

The day did not start well with Dean C finding a flat tyre before he left home and then finding he owned two new tubes with the wrong valve. Kevin W offered a tube which promptly went down. Keith R came to the rescue with supply and Keith W was the mechanic.

The ride started in in the Ure valley about 3k up from SH1. A short ride on the road to warm up (it was only about 22O C), we crossed the dry river and rode up the valley in ‘Kilgram”. After about 2k it got really hot with a 300m altitude gain over 2k. The reward was great views of the surrounding countryside. Onto the mostly downhill Peggioh Road right to the end, through parts of Peggioh Station and Kilgram, over the river and 25k later we were back at the cars.

My car broke down at the Ward Café but after a pie and a coffee, the problem seemed to go away. Thanks to Kilgram Farm Ltd and Peggioh Station for access.