25 May - Medway rec ride

Cool Ride

The sports ride on Sunday 25th May headed into the tussock country between Medway and the Flaxbourne Valleys.

Nine riders fronted on a sharp clear morning with a cold nor west breeze – by Wellington standards.

The ride started with a modest uphill and then then more up, as you do in this class of country. A few “undulations” were followed by a sequence of two longer, more serious climbs and down-hills. The second climb had most riders pushing the bike for a while. Meantime the “breeze" had strengthened sufficient to tip Eugan into the tussock while he struggled with a steep uphill and a headwind.

Alana ran in her new bike with some stream crossings and mud. She studiously avoided large brown heaps but didn’t get disengaged from the drive train quick enough at a stop and  completed the run in with an involuntary dismount into a patch of mud!

It was a cool ride. Great variation in the landscape on a circuit that provided a good work-out on a Sunday morning in great company.

Thanks to the Alan family for access. Next Sports ride is on Sunday 29 June.

Check out some photos in the gallery.

Kevin Wilson