Enduro #1

We had about 25 people turn up and all were very enthusiast and pumped at the prospect of a big day out. 

Unfortunately the wind soon put pay to the day for a lot. Reports of being blown into fences, off your bike and having to push up the hill and pedal down!!! Or getting lost, meant very few completed the three runs. As a result of the conditions there are not any results posted just a big pat on the back to all who gave it a go in such appalling conditions.

Now that we have given it a go and there was such a great response I will start to work on Enduro #2.

If anyone has suggestions to improve the format, ideas for runs or just wants to come out for a ride and log the runs give me a yell on 021344933 or timadams74@hotmail.com.

A big thanks to all who turned up, I hope the wind has not put you off and See you all( plus friends) at Unofficial Enduro #2 coming soon to a track near you.

Keep the rubber down,