Soup and Bun #4 report

A mild moist morning greeted the 22 riders who set off on the two courses set out today by Peter and Kevin.  With steady rain at the start/finish area things got cooler and mistier up on the top.  The magnificent views were obscured for the day but rider feedback was still very positive and much fun was had by all.

There were a few navigational issues with some putting in extra metres and some of the times were adjusted to reflect different start times by some of the riders.  Finn McKenzie was one who started his lap after dad got back from his initial long lap and Glen started his lap after being relieved of child minding duties.

Ollie Radford scorched around the long course reporting the chilly temperatures aloft, he was not deterred from completing lap 2 though and was joined by Kiel in completing a second circuit. 

Riders reported lack of traction with mud clogging their tyres in some parts of the course.

Great to see the juniors out there escorted by mums and dads, don’t know who collected the most mud but all had fun and the soup at the end of the ride was great reward.

Thanks to Mike and Joan Watson for allowing us access to their very scenic property and to Kevin for his culinary skills in the soup kitchen.