Coverham and Back

It could have been a sports ride to hell and back had the temperature on the day matched the previous few days.

But after a hot start, it clouded over and the breeze came up making for pleasant riding conditions.

Five set out from The Bluff Station Homestead, Kekerengu Valley on Sunday morning. The easy first 800m changed suddenly into a steady but relentless up.

Justin’s tractor motor soon over-heated, remedied by taking out the thermostat. A four plus k climb provided great views of the coast and then provided a great view of Mt Tapuae-o-Uenuku.

Three landform saddles latter, the well surfaced road turned into a good downhill. Sven unsuccessfully tried his hand as a heading dog on some cattle that persisted travelling on the road instead of taking to the scrub. After 18k we arrived at the Coverham house and yards where Zac replenished his water bottle and Justin chatted up a bird. Good progress was made on the homeward  journey with the round trip of 36k taking just over four hours. Interesting landscapes to be seen and a good ride – no pushing the bike required. Thanks to the Murray family for access.

The next sports ride is the Bikefit Challenge on Sunday 1 March 2015.