SOUP & BUN #1 2015 - Valiant Vineyard, Awatere Valley -Race report from Ron Milbanke

There was over sixty years separating the ages of our youngest and oldest competitors for this mornings ride and with 51 bikes lined up on the start line it was a heartening sight for the organisers.  It was a truly family affair with mums dads and 22 juniors taking to the track with James Hill claiming the youngest category at just 5 years old.  There were another 12 riders under the age of 12 so if this continues we can see a bright future for our sport.  Great to welcome lots of new faces and we hope that everyone had fun and keen to return for the next ride.  There were a couple of trailers too with Jason and Keith towing toddlers and sewing the mountain bike seed early in life.

It was a Marlborough autumn day out of the box and Peter set a challenging course with some awesome vistas to reward the riders at the top of a tough wee climb among the vines.  There was also a rocky descent to test the mettle and skills and everyone got there one way or another.  The course was such that the riders were well spread out and at the end of lap 1 Aaron had forged a 37 second lead over young Joel.  Robert was best part of a minute further back with Zahkhan and Connor close behind.  As the laps progressed the gaps widened and after lap three the debate was on as to whether a fourth should be attempted.  Seven riders accepted the fourth lap challenge and will no doubt feel satisfied with their days work, as they should. 

Other notable efforts put in by Maggie and Abby, three laps and Jim having been on escort duty for one lap took the fat tyres round for two more.  With 51 riders out there it was easy to miss other good efforts, so we hope that there were rewards enough for those not mentioned.

Thanks to chef Justin for the soup and Stephen for access to the property.

Lap times

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