RIDE REPORT - Sunday April 26th - 'Stirling Brook' & 'The Waterfall' - Kevin Wilson reporting

Matagouri Strikes Back

A team of thirteen set off on the rec ride from the yard at “Stirling Brook” on a warm but gray Sunday morning. After a short ride up the gorge, the group crossed the boundary into “The Waterfall” where the inevitable question was “Which way?” to which the usual answer was given “Up!” We chugged away at the climb gaining over 500m to top the watershed ridge along the Haldon Range. Cool (literally) and breezy 360 degree views were obtained taking in Mt Benmore, the Flaxborne Valley, Blairich, north to Port Underwood and Lake Grassmere.

At a re-group after a downhill section we waited and we waited for the two ‘fat boys’ to turn up. The message was that Phil had a puncture. Seems a punctured fat tractor tyre takes gallons of glue, a truck load of compressed air and a long time to fix. Off we go again on the challenging but fun downhill. My turn for a puncture. Embarrassment - no tube in my back pack. Eugan provided the tube and away we went. A thick patch of low matagouri had tracks through it but Alana managed to get a piece of 4*2 stuck in her calf and my back tyre was flatter than flat again about a kilometer from the cars.

It was not a big ride by distance.  We had been only just over 13k but it was a great work out on a new piece of country with a good group of people. Thanks to the Watson and Waddy families for access.

PS. Eugan’s tube had six holes in it. Moral of story – be more careful negotiating matagouri.

John Pickering also found he had a flat tire later in the day. The tube also several holes.

The “Der Keevun” moment.  I’m taking the back wheel off at home to fix the second puncture and spy the tool bag under the seat of the bike. It was put there specifically to carry the spare tube and tools and contained same. So I had a tube all along!!!!

Kevin Wilson

27 April 2015