MTB Club Committee Meeting Minutes - June 2015

Marlborough Mountain Bike Club

Committee Meeting Minutes for 17 June 2015

1.         Present: Mondo Kopua, Kevin Wilson, John Pickering, Peter Webster, Chris McKendry, Sven Herselman, Andrew Benger.


2.         Apologies: Justin Kenward.


  1. Previous Minutes       May, 20 2015. Amendment - amount voted by committee to use for Rotary Lookout track is $5000.                     Proposed: Kevin            Second: John.


    4.          Matters Arising: Nil.


    5.         Treasurers Report: Proposed: Kevin Second: John.


  1. Membership Update: Sven to email membership reminder to all available email addresses on July 1.


    7.         Correspondence

    a. Email dated June 3 from Dale Ashworth Re Endeavour Park AGM.

    b. Email dated June 3 from Gina Benge RE Tender invitation for 2016 to 2018 MTB events

    c. Email dated June 10 from Emily Mclean Re Cycle Challenge 2015.

    Letter from Pub Charity confirming grant for Picton Trails – more info from John Pickering.





    8.         Updates         


    1. Publicity: Nil


    2. Website: Sven to ask Sarnim to take over Website as Andrew continues to have technical problems. Andrew to approach some younger members of the club to see if they would take on the Website and Facebook after AGM in Aug.


    3. School Liaison: Nil


    4. Council Liaison: Bike Walk Marlborough getting on track. The Wither Hills programme is slowed as council now requires a health and safety plan and insurance to be put in place before work can be done with machinery. Kevin propose club approach a contractor like Simcox to do the work as they would have these set up already. Mondo to see if they would do the work for a discount. The club will supply Greg Leov as a supervisor. Peter has permission from Robin Dunn for a new track in the MTB park. He will cut the line roughly and have a look at it with Robin.


    5. MTB Park:  Small amount of pruning to be done. Otherwise in good condition.


    6. Conders: Email from Aaron Black to Steve Bezar at MDC - I was out at Conders today, for a couple of hours, with my wife and one of my boys. They were riding their bikes while i was clearing and removing a few trees and old-mans beard from across the track.
      I stopped 2 chaps going through on a couple of XR200's and explained that they are not really allowed in there. They seemed fairly genuine when they said that they found themselves on the 4WD (2 wheel) track that goes through there, but shortly after that the track merges with MTB track and they have no real option but to carry on.
      I notice that the council has put plenty of large concrete blocks with wire ropes joining them together along the base of the stock-bank, where the stock-bank that you drive along to get to Conders meets the flat car park area. This is obviously to stop people (principally on motorbikes again) from popping up the stock-bank and on to the road along the top, potentially in the path of traffic along the top.
      I cant help but think that if the council want to publish Marlborough Mountain Bike brochures and make maps available on the council web site, which includes Conders as a track for the public to go and use, they need to be making their best effort to keep motorized vehicles (be they 4WD's or motorbikes) from going into the area to ensure safety of bike riders.

      As per our conversation on the Conders site, is it possible, please, to get some more of those blocks and the wire rope that ties between them, placed in the various locations where the 4WD tracks enter the Conders area, to see if the potential risk to the public and the potential damage to the track from these vehicles can be reduced.


    7. Funding: Pub Charity funding is in. NZ Trail Fund money must be used. John will ask them to hold it for another month though. Submission to council’s long term plan is in and awaiting decision.


    8. Property: Kevin checked and charged the walkie talkies. There are half-a-dozen which work very well. There has been interest in the track building machine on TradeMe so decision made to auction it. Decision made to store important paperwork in the container.


    9. Picton. Chris has not been able to do work due to family commitments. Trails in good condition otherwise though.


    10. Rec Rides: Next end of the month. Justin will be asked to arrange. Possible overnight outing for August ride.


    11. Downhill: Nil


    12. Cross Country: Soup and Bun events going well. The last had a record 55 attending. Apparently the 3 and 6 hour event is to be held on Aug 23 (not club event). The venue for the next Soup and Bun event to be decided. Feedback from MTB Challenge was to run two different events back to back on a weekend. Need to form a sub-committee to brainstorm. Sven and Peter keen. Will ask Justin as well. Overall the sentiment is the Challenge must be run again, possibly with a kids event and/or endure the day before. Regarding the timing equipment – Ron is using his own kit and programme, which no-one else knows how to use. Ron to investigate a simpler system


      9.         General Business: New kids track next to Rifle Range is almost complete. Looking good and 2/3 gravelled.

      Meeting closed: 8.50pm

      Next meeting: July 15