2015 WILKES RM - Soup & Bun #4 - RACE REPORT

Another great turn out for this mornings event despite a nip in the air.  Those who chose to ride to the event for a warm up were thwarted by the sub zero temperatures and a recovery period was welcome before things kicked off.

Peter set a confusing course and despite a recce lap most riders were still head scratching until lap 2.  Time keepers were also confused when riders came through the start/finish area after just 5 minutes having completed just half a lap. So times shown for lap 1 are actually for a lap and a half.

Unfortunately some of the juniors did not come through the start/finish so their times did not get recorded.  Lets hope that they enjoyed the ride despite no time being credited.

The course had one or two gnarly bits and there were a few ungainly dismounts.  The leader hit a branch which turned his bars and threw him off.  Peter H also drew blood on the snoz tumbling down a rocky bit and there were other reports of torn clothing.  Khan broke his chain and was loitering in the pits until he scrounged a joining link and resumed.

So Kiel prevailed with Joel alongside for a lap and a half before falling behind.  Peter H also made the podium in one of his rare appearances at our events.  Susie from Nelson, Alana and Joel’s mum were on the ladies podium and young Mica Drake was impressive riding round with dad and showing some good skills and fitness.

Jason took wee Cody for a blat on the trailer and Anna Dasler was pulled around by Phil also on a trailer.  (Is this a new category we need to cater for ? ?).

Catering was skillfully handled by David Sheard, there were no leftovers, and Kevin assisted with timing. 

All in all a very enjoyable morning and we look forward to seeing everyone back on 9th August, venue TBA.