Conders Bend 7th Jan

Happy New Year.  With a few of our regulars still enjoying the summer break, wherever summer may be, the year got underway with a good mix of familiar and new faces.  We welcome newcomer Yvette who seems to know how to get around this track, and it was good to see the long awaited return of Tim.  He was riding a great bike, bought from a very reputable source.  Tim was once the “man to beat” before doing the big OE and picking up a wife on his travels.  He has been busy renovating their house so the cool bike has been neglected.  Let’s hope that we see more of Yvette and Tim on future Thursdays.

This evenings Express printed the welcome news of a $16K grant from MDC to finish the new loop track around the MTB park.  Good work from those applying the pressure and we can look forward to trying out this asset in the months ahead.

So where was summer this evening ?  The wind turned 18 degrees into a very cool evening and the spectators were well rugged up (both of them).  Young Cody slept through the whole procedure and would not have been a happy camper waking up to realise what he had missed. 

Big brother Joel had warmed up for the evening with a “cross-fit” session while Alana, Logan and Joe rode into the wind from Renwick.  Khan and Bailey rode out from Blenheim and that wind was very strong and blustery.  So these guys had prepared well, while at the other extreme Justin and Sven arrived at the scheduled start time just managing to suppress a yawn with everyone else chomping at the bit.  Justin now has a hectic schedule with just bike preparation and riding to fill his day. 

From the outset, Justin established a good pace in front of Khan with Sven hanging on in third place.   Joel then led a gaggle of six in close formation, including a very hairy Gavin sporting Christmas whiskers, Jim also with whiskers, then Bailey Keith and Tim.  A battle was also developing among the Vet 4’s with Warren and Peter rattling gold cards, then Alana headed the ladies.

Lap 2 saw Justin extend his lead with a very quick lap and Khan was maintaining station over Sven.  Joel was creeping away from Gavin, who was still leading the whiskered category from Jim, and Tim was getting to grips with the track up to 7th.

Lap 3 and Justin put in a scorcher, the bike polishing was having an effect, while Sven had passed a tiring Khan who was still a full minute ahead of Joel.  Tim had passed Gavin and Jim, while further down the field the gold card gap was down to just 1 second with Warren right on Peter’s wheel. 

So ten riders beat the 50 minute barrier to get in a fourth lap, with Alana and Bailey just missing the cut.  Justin cruised to victory despite Sven putting in a burst on lap 4.  Third place was shared with a fast finishing Joel crossing the line alongside a fast fading Khan.  Not too far behind was Tim who improved with each lap and indicated that there may be more to come if bike hours are allowed.  Jim had a good final lap and won the hairy battle, and Keith also passed Gavin on the last lap.  Note to Gavin – don’t just shave the legs.  The battle of the gold cards came down to the wire with Peter just holding out Warren.  This was Peter’s personal best for Conders, making the 50 minute cut easily for the first time.  Must have been a lean Christmas.

Alana was first lady ahead of Yvette.  Josh was escorted by dad for three quick laps with mum riding with Tyler before completing her ride back to Blenheim.  Megan was on escort duty for Joe for two laps. Logan and Mikey took the short option for lap 3 whileJimmy put in a great effort completing 3 full laps.

Peter says MTB park next week – hope to see you all there.