MTB Park Thursday 14th Jan

The warmer weather stirred a few extra bikes into action this evening, there were bikes every which way, but not all joined us for our wee bit of fun.  Peter was inhibited in his course layout by many social riders on the track so it was plan B that was brought into action to accommodate everyone without hindrance.  So a few little climbs and a few unusual directions proved a good test of fitness and ability.  Peter tries each week to introduce something new or different to help develop bike skills.

24 riders exploded off the line, some fresh back from holiday and trying to get serious again for events to come.  It is NZMTB Cup timebut I have not heard of any club members following this series, some are looking at the one off MTB Nats in Wanaka on 19th 20th March.  Always good to see our club represented at this level.

The first lap saw a close battle between Sarnim, Jeremy and Khan with only 3 seconds separating this trio at the front.  George and Joel were another 10 seconds back with Sven and Tim closely matched a further few seconds behind.  Young Fin was also up with the leaders but had taken a shorter route on this first lap.

By the end of lap 2 the field had started to string out and Sarnim had put 40 seconds on the field and was very focused, (maybe on Wanaka ?).  Jeremy was gritting his teeth in second and Khan was alone in third spot.  Joel had edged in front of George and Tim was very close to Sven.  Adam Logan and Jacob were out there just having fun egging each other on to do another lap.  Adam rode off on Jacob’s bike for a lap together with Jacob’s drink bottle.  Jacob pondered in the pits, probably thinking up a revenge strategy.

So this natural order prevailed for the remaining laps with the exception of Sven who was overtaken by Tim, Sven’s chain was jumping off so he lost some ground there. 

At the 50 minute mark only the front three riders achieved six laps. Tim did not hear the call and put in a sixth lap after hours, just after Sven had got back in front of him.   Yvette, Selena and Donna showed the way for the ladies and the Huren kids were having great fun on the shorter lap.  Cody was also entertaining doing speedway cornering.  Tyre manufacturers will have a regular customer here.

Next week the plan is to ride at Picton, registration from 6:30 for a 7:00 start from Endeavour Park. 

We need someone to do the timing on Thursday 4th Feb.  Not sure where the ride will be on that evening, but if you know anyone who can help please reply to this email.  A personal training session can be arranged, it is a simple system to operate.