Greetings All

Great day though with a short sharp technical course with something for most everyone. This was a real cross country test of skill and fitness. Most riders loved it, some fell foul of it and a couple decided it was not for them, which is fair enough, another day and another course may be a better fit for them.

There was a fantastic race going on here, Tom from Nelson made a statement as he used the event as part of his come back from a break from the sport. He was way ahead of the field. Next though, came the scrap of the year. Jack showed out ahead of Justin with Jeremy joining the fray after Simon dismounted unceremoniously on lap one. Simon spent the next seven laps chasing down the front guys and got pretty close at one stage, before falling back on the final lap. A great effort by Jack to stay ahead of a hungry pack for eight very quick laps. Justin was close at the end with Simon and Jeremy fading on the last lap.

Susie from Nelson completed eight laps at a reasonable clip to head the ladies with Alana and Melanie in her wake. The under 14 category was headed by Liam with Angus and Lachlan completing the podium.

Our friends from Nelson remarked on a great friendly atmosphere and it was a credit to those involved in course set-up, registration etc. Thanks to Andrew on radio, Peter, Justin, Fraser and Lowri. Lots of prizes and great sponsorship from La Cruz. These guys really get involved and they even provided help with the time keeping, which was much appreciated when things turned to custard.

Look forward to seeing everyone back for the Jentree event on 16th December, this should be another cracker with a tight race for series points on the line.



This was a promising start to a good old fashioned cross country race with 42 riders testing their skill and stamina on a testing course. A good climb on lap 1 slowly became a grind on the later laps and muscles would have been screaming by laps 3 and 4.

On show we had some exciting young talent mixing it with the established stars and it will be interesting to see what lessons were learnt for the coming rounds. Some of those struggling for their old fitness and form could possibly mix things up in the next two rounds when they shed the winter coat.

As well as the stars up front, some old names came out of hiding to relive old glories, hope reality wasn't too hard on these guys.

A couple of great scraps developed up front with Simon coming out of the woodwork to give young gun Jack an honest morning's work. Simon's fastest lap was his fourth. Not far behind this pair Justin was showing our visitor from Nelson Hamish, around the traps in a tight contest for third and fourth. Cam C. was next with Bailey looking good early on but finding his lack of Km's telling towards the end.

Among the age group contests the under 14 lads were having a great scrap with Cam A. Finn McK. and Liam wheel to wheel. Cam went off track on the third lap and missed a section. He very sportingly put his hand up straight away after crossing the finish line ahead of his rivals. This was a great example of what our sport is about. Another warm fuzzy was felt when Finn McN collided with a cattle grid and Nick Webby rendered assistance. Well done guys.

Neve did her absent dad proud by completing three tough laps in the under 14 girls class

In the older 50+ class, Jut kept the family name on the honours board with some aggressive riding to head off Simon and Todd. Todd is another who emerges occasionally and surprises everyone with a solid show. He confused the officials when his number began flapping in the breeze. He stuck it down his jersey and yelled out his number as he crossed the line at the end of each lap. Thing was he yelled out the wrong number so Matt was credited with six laps until the error was noted.

In the 36 - 49 men's category, Simon Abe and Phil headed off some old familiar names. Apologies to Simon Richard and Logan who's fourth laps was not recorded, but noted.

We had a good contingent of 36 - 49 ladies and Alana had to settle for second behind Bronwen with Ange third. Bek was on escort duty encouraging Neve to great things.

Lowri was responsible for the very collectible trophies and she had quite a few left over in case 20 or 30 errant ladies turned up. Unfortunately this was not the case but we can only hope that next time !!

Big thanks to Craig Sheridan and La Cruz for the sponsorship and support at the event. Will look forward to race two and remind you of the advantages of becoming a club member. No series trophies to non-members.